13 April 2016
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13 April 2016,

Answer question 1, 2, and 3
1. How do you understand mental illness vs. mental challenges? What is the
difference in the two terms? Choose one mental illness/challenge we discussed (depression, schizophrenia, or bi-polar) and describe its characteristics, the
experiences accompanying it, and how it could get elaborated artistically and
creatively. Please include specific examples and evidence taken from readings,
class discussions, and field trips.

2. How does the creative and artistic process function? How does it get elaborated? What is one account of the formulation of the symbolic function? Include references from our readings, class discussion, and field trips. (Field Trip to The Living Museum)
– Google search – The Living Museum on the Creedmoor Campus in Queens- in relation to answer question 2 (know more about the museum in order to answer question 1 and 2)

3. Summarize the historical trajectory that Roy Porter in “Madness, A Brief History” (book) creates and elaborates. What is the underlying trajectory and how does it inform your understanding of mental illness? Cite specific examples, discuss, and elaborate.

Also use the book “Darkness Visible” by Styron as a reference to answer question 1 or 2