12 January 2017
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12 January 2017,

Assessment one

Learning Reflection 2 (10%): How your essay scenario relates to the three pillars of sustainability (social/economic/environmental):

Select one of the four essay scenarios below and respond to the following questions:

  • Developing the NT food bowl
  • Accommodating refugee population flows
  • Securing a sustainable future for electricity
  • Ensuring tourism is sustainable

In approximately 250 words

  1. For your chosen scenario, what are the different sustainability issues that you think need to be considered under each of the 3 pillars (environmental, social, economic)?
  2. Given the issues you have identified, do you think any of the three pillars should be prioritised to help achieve sustainable solutions? Why or why not?

NB: Your answers do not need to be researched and referenced as they should simply be based on your understanding from what you have learned so far in the unit